Fun with robots

First off, read this:

Once you’ve got the robot going:

  1. Write a low-level controller with a python interface
  2. Display the currently running code on a web site
  3. Allow anyone to upload a patch through the web site
  4. Any patch that passes some basic tests (ie. the code still executes) is applied to the code
  5. Every hour, the new code is automatically uploaded to the bot

I’m sure I’ve heard that you can edit running lisp code, so that might be an option as well (although I can actually code in python, which is an advantage ;) ). I reckon you could have a lot of fun playing with evolutionary algorithms, trying to make some sense out of the webcam input and so on. Anyone feel like building one?

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    One Response to “Fun with robots”

    1. Jack
      26 May 2008 at 13:21

      You can edit running lisp code.

      Actually you can do that sort of thing with any language that has eval. Lisp just makes it easier than most.


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