ACS Conference: Leadership

Report on ACS Young IT conference in Adelaide – Day 2, 30th May

Leadership by Linda Zeelie

A definition of leadership – “the lifting of people’s vision to a higher sight, the raising of their performance to a higher standard, the building of their personality beyond its normal limitations”

There are poor, good and great leaders. Are you working for a great, or at least a good leader? If you are, you’ll be extended and your performance will improve. If not, you’ll become doubtful of your abilities and you’ll become less capable over time.

To become a great leader, learn from other leaders (good and bad). Working with a bad leader is useful to learn about leadership, but it’s not good for you. So learn your lessons quick then get out!

Have a vision AND a plan. You should be able to record and explain it simply and concisely. If you can’t explain it simply, you simply don’t know it.

No decision is always a poor decision. Make a decision, and once you’ve made it, be very, very decisive. Do not waver, own the decision!

When things go well, share the success. When things go wrong, own the failure. Take responsibility, even when it’s not directly your fault.

Linda had a very strong conviction to her speaking. I could sense that she felt that what she was talking about was really important, and many of her points stuck with me. Definitely one of the best talks of the conference.

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