ACS Conference: Preparing for a leadership role

Report on ACS Young IT conference in Adelaide – Day 1, 30th May

Preparing For a Leadership Role by Stephen Kowal

A definition: Motivating (inspiring) a person or people to achieve a goal, while helping those people achieve their goals.

Every position is a leadership position, but not every person is a leader. You can choose whether to lead within your role.

Understand your values and other people’s values, then you’ll know what is needed to inspire yourself and them.

Your performance, not your role is what determines your success. Do whatever you’re doing now with passion, even if you don’t like it.

Luck doesn’t exist – instead, there are always causes for something happening.

Questions: Stephen gave $50 (!) to the person who asked the first question, but only $2 to the person who asked the second question, because “being second isn’t nearly as valuable as being first”.

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