Full-time work

Last week I started work at the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, working in the web applications group (ie. lots of PHP coding). I’m enjoying the work, but didn’t realise how little time I’d have in the evenings (especially with Aikido 3 nights a week). I’d love to be able to be paid based on my output, not on the number of hours I’ve spent at work, since that’d give me a “finish your work and you can go home early” incentive. Has anyone heard of that happening within the Australian Public Service? I doubt it, but it’s worth a shot :)

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3 Responses to “Full-time work”

  1. Jack
    31 July 2008 at 08:05

    It’s the public service. If they did that, many people would be either out of a job or employed but paid peanuts.

  2. Luke
    31 July 2008 at 09:25

    Rohan, it’s the public service. You’re _supposed_ to be unproductive. If you finish all your work early, you’re too productive for the PS!

    The PS works on the “we have to use all our budget now, otherwise we won’t get as much next time around” principle, so start slacking off a bit and make it easier on the managers and accountants :P

  3. NathanaelB
    9 September 2008 at 23:48

    I get paid for what I know rather than what I do. I go home when the job’s done.

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