Nerd skill #7684: Reverse coiling

Back in the day (am I old enough to say that?) I used to do light and sound work at high school and a few of my friend’s church events. This basically involved setting up and running the lights and sound equipment for events from the mundane (school assemblies) to the spectacular (a massive party in Rod Laver Arena).

Apart from the odd wireless mic, every device out there is going to need at least one cable. For a decent set up, that adds up to a lot of mic cables, speaker cables, power cables (regular and 3-phase), data cables, and so on. As a newbie, one of my first experiences of reverse coiling was being let loose on a tangled mess of cables at the end of a night, and spending a good half-hour coiling them up. BUT, there’s a trick involved:

If you take a cable and coil it up the regular way, then uncoil it by throwing it across the room, you end up with cable that still has a twist in it, which will kink up and generally be annoying. There’s an elegant technique that lets you avoid this, known as reverse coiling… which I’ll describe shortly, once I’ve fixed image upload on wordpress. Stay tuned!

Update: Reverse coiling illustrated

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