Reverse coiling, now with pictures

Here’s the pictures to accompany my previous post on reverse coiling:

The first loop. To make this loop, my right hand is twisting the cable anticlockwise.

Making the second loop. This time my right hand is twisting the cable clockwise, the opposite direction to the first loop.

Another view of how to make the second loop.

And it’s done! If your cable is longer than mine, just keep alternating between clockwise and anticlockwise loops. When the cable is uncoiled, the twists will cancel out and the cable will sit flat.

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One Response to “Reverse coiling, now with pictures”

  1. Luke
    1 October 2008 at 20:21

    I do it the other way around:
    Hold left hand in front with palm facing you.
    Drape one end of the cable over your hand, so the end is on the palm side.
    Loop the cord over once.
    The next loop is performed by twisting the cable clockwise with your right hand while raising it over your left – it should form a loop, but your right hand will be on the inside instead of the outside.
    Repeat the last two steps until you pass out.

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