ComicHub makeover

I’ve just completed a makeover of ComicHub, which is the fun, simple and free web comic hosting site that Huy and I made about a year ago. I’ve made a number of changes to optimise the site for search engines and for humans:

  • The front page previously displayed all the features using an image. That’s been replaced by text so search engines can figure out what the site is about.
  • Added the hook text at the top of the page: “Fun, simple and free web comic hosting”
  • The sign up button is much more prominent.
  • Removed the ads from the actual comic pages(!), and refactored the ones on the front page.

If you’re interested in writing your own web comic, if you’d like to check out those that are already there, or if you just want to check out the new and improved home page, head over to

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