2009 plans and goals

It’s the start of the year, which naturally brings me to contemplate the year ahead. Back in November, I set eleven goals for a three-month period, but I’ve since realised that that wasn’t such a smart idea. To quote the December email newsletter from Steve Pavlina:

“A goal is a decision. If you set lots of goals at the same time, you haven’t made any real decisions. You’re just playing the field, hoping you’ll find the time to squeeze everything in. But there’s no commitment. What you have is a quagmire of potential distractions. One goal is clarity. Ten goals is confusion.”

Following the advice in the newsletter, I’ve set one professional goal and one personal goal for the whole year. In addition to that, I’m running a 30 day trial in January. My professional goal is to achieve financial freedom. My personal goal is to improve my social life. And my 30 day trial is to go vegan for the month of January. In this post I’ll talk a little about each of them.

A few weeks ago I experienced a moment of clarity. In that moment, life seemed akin to a lucid dream, one in which I had awoken within the dream and realised that that feeling of “urgently having to do something” was a bit ridiculous, and since it was a dream, I could actually do whatever I felt like. I saw my compulsion to work to make money to meet my needs as badly out of alignment with this new feeling of freedom, so I resolved to make it so that money was no longer a concern.

My goal is to achieve financial freedom, by which I mean earning plenty of money either through passive income (income that is not dependent on my time input) or by being paid for my time doing what I would be doing if money were not an issue. My aim is to approach this goal starting with the attitude of freedom instead of chasing after it. This means asking questions like “What do I think would be interesting to make happen?” and “What would I enjoy adding to the world?” instead of “What could I do to support myself?”.

My personal goal, to improve my social life, comes perhaps a year later than it could have. Last year I made the transition from uni life to full time work (via a six-month period working on NiftyKit), and I’m still learning how to have a healthy social life when I’m not by default surrounded by people of similar age and interests. This year I’d like to meet lots of new people, make some new friends and spend plenty of time hanging out with them on a regular basis.

For the 30 day trial, I’m going vegan for the month of January. I’ve been vegetarian for most of my life, and I’ve wanted to go vegan for some time, which means eliminating milk and egg products from my diet. I actually have a mild aversion to most of these foods (except for pizza and ice cream, which I eat only infrequently), so I don’t think it will be too difficult. I expect to experience the greatest challenge eating out. But if Karen Knowler can do it with the raw food diet, it should be quite do-able with the vegan diet. During this month I’d like to learn to prepare lots of new meals and snacks, particularly focusing on whole (unprocessed or less processed) foods. That way I’ll end up with greater variety to my diet after this trial rather than just being left with a subset of my previous diet.

So there you have it, two goals and a trial. I’m certainly looking forward to this year. What are your plans for 2009?

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2 Responses to “2009 plans and goals”

  1. Luke
    2 January 2009 at 11:37

    Whut, you’re giving up the best food ever aka ice cream? nooooooo

    Oh well, good onya for actually setting goals! I’m going to now drink my senna peach tea sample I received from T2.

  2. Rohan
    3 January 2009 at 22:17

    Mmmmmm… Simon and I got some T2 Spi Chi for Christmas == yum :) I’ll have to experiment with frozen banana raw ice cream recipes, I’m sure I’ve heard of that being done…

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