Friday Check-in #1

Over at The Fluent Self, Havi has a weekly check-in ritual to reflect on the week. I’ve decided to borrow this ritual (thanks Havi!) and see if I can’t gain a bit of perspective. Ready? Here we go…

The hard stuff

Losing momentum

The last week’s been full of planning but not so much doing. But first, maybe it’d be good to take a look at what I’m planning. I’ve come up with five “projects” that I’d like to put some time into:

  • BotLand: A web-based not-quite-realtime strategy game with awesome tweakability.
  • Game dev blog articles: A series of blog articles where I write about my attempts to develop Botland the Right Way. Best practices, agile methods, and tips from the trenches. That kind of thing.
  • Game dev consulting: Where I help game developers (who are probably part of a startup) to adopt said best practices and bring their out-of-control projects a little more under control.
  • EEEBot: Makin it. I need to buy some parts first though. Anyone know where I can source a 74HC32N, L293E and 74HC00N IC for the motor controller?
  • This blog post! And the next, and the next (every week).

I haven’t actually made much progress on them this week, but on the other hand it’s pretty awesome having the list, and I’m feeling ready to get going :) That actually sounds pretty good, so what’s the hard bit? I work Monday to Wednesday at the moment, and having those three days away from this stuff takes its toll on my momentum.

The good stuff


I got my bike today! It’s a 1998 Kawasaki GPX 250, and it looks something like this. Oh man it’s fun. I’ve been in the process of getting one for over a month, but I didn’t know how fun it would be until I rode on the back of David‘s bike to inspect the one I ended up buying. That was my first time on a bike going > 25k/h, and he has a Suzuki GS500, which is a fair bit more powerful than mine :D Anyway… conclusion: Awesome.


The Aikido beginners course starts for the year this week at ANU. I’ve been heading over to ANU before work for a few days to put up posters and help at the market day stall. Our strategy was to play videos on my laptop, then capture people as they stopped to watch the video. Very effective ;) If you’re interested in learning a martial art and you’ve got Tuesday and/or Sunday evenings free, I highly recommend joining up for the Aiki-kai beginners course at ANU. It’s awesome fun and cheap too (only $90 for the whole semester). Here, watch a video to see what it looks like ;)

Tidying my mind, tidying my room

I meditate pretty much daily. I vary the technique I use (eg. watching the breath, visualisations, etc) and I also have quite a variation in the “quality” of the meditation. Sometimes I’ll feel quite peaceful, other times I’ll be really distracted and unfocused. I find when I have a particularly peaceful meditation, I’ll often go on a tidying binge afterwards, and that happened this week :) I cleaned up a bunch of stuff lying around my room, then got through about 50 emails, then did a bunch of small things I’d wanted to do for awhile. Now I have a bit more mental and physical space to work in again :)

This blog post

I feel a bit clearer and more motivated having written it. Yay :)

And that’s it!

Catch you next week, if not sooner :)

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