Weekly check-in #8

Just a short check-in this week. It’s even a short intro. Let’s get to it!

The hard stuff

Random stress

Couldn’t I just accept that things are not too bad right now and enjoy the stuff that’s working out well? Seems not, at least not all the time. Note to self: Life Is Pretty Okay. Don’t stress!

The good stuff


Last week, I wrote about setting goals centered around character development instead of around producing an external result. I picked out persistence as the attribute I wanted to develop, so I decided to spend an hour per day for a week working on a project. The project I picked was to develop a little web app to help me review my new followers on Twitter.

I finished the week successfully (yay!) and the application’s taking shape. The whole thing’s been quite fun, and the hardest part has been coming up with a name for it. My eternal gratitude to anyone who has a suggestion!

As I get further into it, I see that I could take the idea further than I originally anticipated, and I’m coming up with lots of ways to make the project more interesting and to make some money on the side as I go. I have to credit my initial intention for this. My definition of success on this project is to persist – to keep putting in the time even when obstacles come up. If I were purely aiming to make money, I would have been put off as soon as I realised I had competitors.

And all this aside, dev work is fun. I like coding, figuring out how to do new and interesting things. So horray for interesting projects!

That’s it!

Catch you next week! And feel free to join me in the comments. What was the hard and the good in your week?

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    3 Responses to “Weekly check-in #8”

    1. Anon
      2 May 2009 at 19:51

      twitterville? tweet-tweet, tweetiness, track the twit oops! LOL! track twitter, tweet on track, sweet tweet….. twitter and follow, tweeter and twitters, twitty, twee leaves…sorry last one was just for fun! :-)

    2. Anon
      2 May 2009 at 19:57

      I learnt to stand up for myself, to not put myself in a situation that I 100% Know will lead to regret. And the fact that I know this certainty! :-) to learn anything regardless of whether or not Im interested in the thing i am learning, just soak in the joy that i can learn, and see how many times i can say the word learn, hmmmmm The project to do things around a character value is exciting…ill try it this week. Persistance is a good one. :-)

    3. Anon
      2 May 2009 at 22:49

      LOL! couldn’t stop thinking of a name! Go Persistence! twi-seek, tiweek, tweek, treek, trecktrack, twizwhiz, tweewack, why are these all sounding like 3 year old cutesy talk or should i say twark. Bed -time.

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