Deploy a subversion repository to a server without subversion

The problem

You have a website, stored in a subversion repository. The server you’d like to deploy to has shell access (ssh) but subversion is not installed, and you can’t install it. You want to be able to deploy changes to your website quickly and easily.

The solution

  1. Download this ruby script and place it in the parent directory of your working copy of the site.
  2. Edit the script and change the “src” parameter to the name of the directory containing your website.
  3. Determine the SVN revisions you’d like to deploy. This might be something like “128:132″.
  4. Run the script, like so: ruby deploy.rb 128:132
    Insert your own revisions as the command line parameter.
  5. The script will generate a file deploy-128-132.tgz. Copy this to your server.
  6. From within the production directory, untar the deploy-128-132.tgz file. This will overwrite the files that are to be modified in this update. It will also untar a delete script:
  7. Run the delete script: .
  8. Remove the delete script: rm
  9. Party!

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