Emacs-fu table of contents

I’ve been pulling everything together for the launch of Emacs-Fu, which greets the world on Friday (there’s a signup form for the discount email list at the bottom of this post) . Today I have the table of contents for the course to share with you.


  1. Introduction and basics
    • Explanation of shortcut key notation
    • Summary of useful functions / key combinations (eg. manipulating windows, running shells, using macros)
  2. Nifty built-ins
    • Looking up functions in help
    • Aligning text quickly and easily
    • Repeating keys and functions
    • Commenting regions
    • Selecting and indenting
    • Cursor movement
    • Auto-complete
    • Changing the case of words
  3. Regular expressions
    • Testing your regular expressions
    • Searching and replacing by regex
    • Moving between the regex syntax of Ruby/Perl and Emacs’ own flavour
  4. Configuration
    • Looking up configuration variables in emacs help
    • Where to store configuration files
    • File backups
    • A short diversion into lisp syntax
    • Key bindings
    • Indentation
    • Mode-specific configuration
    • Some useful plugins

To get a discount and early access to the course, plonk your email down here:

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